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Create professional training videos quickly and easily

Used by thousands of education professionals

Shortcuts to create professional training videos

We’ve taken the best training videos and distilled their features into shortcut tools. You can now create stunning training videos in minutes. We have screen and webcam recording tools, combined with green screen cut outs, slide recording, mobile aspect ratios, automatic subtitling, branded templates, translations, animations and much more.

Stream, record, edit and share with one tool

Whether you need to live stream your classes, record your screen, edit a video or host a video for instant viewing - we’ve got all your needs covered. Invite your students, trainees, or clients to your live session, where you can interact with them in real-time. It’s automatically recorded so you can edit and share it later. Sharing can be done via a URL or you can host and embed your video directly from VEED.

Caption and translate to maximize engagement

People like watching videos on mobile with the sound off. It doesn’t matter how good your training videos are - if you don’t offer mobile friendly videos and subtitles for muted viewing you’ll be missing a large part of your audience. Similarly, you can easily make a video by recording your screen but if you’re not zooming in to relevant sections, cutting back and forth between speaker and slides, you’ll have half your audience dropping off after 30 seconds.

The best viewing experience (coming soon)

Creating videos is only half the battle. You also need an amazing viewing experience. VEED lets you instantly share videos via a URL or invite named viewers. The viewing is optimized for both desktop and mobile. Transcripts and translations improve engagement and accessibility. Custom links let you recommend related resources, quizzes, slides and other videos. Analytics lets you see who has watched your videos to completion.


Fast and simple pro editor

Lots of pro shortcuts make editing easy and fast. Multiple aspect ratios, background cut outs, audio noise reduction, pro transitions and more.

Auto subtitles, translations, transcriptions

Highly accurate automated subtitles and translations plus fast manual reviewing tools let you get 100% accuracy in the fastest and most cost effective way.

Custom templates and stock

Want to keep everything stylistically consistent? Create a custom template once and re-use it for all your video projects. A full stock library lets you create without footage

Cloud based collaboration

Work as a team. Pool your resources. Share videos and assets instantly via a URL. Everything is run in the cloud so no expensive hardware is needed.

Webcam, screen and slides recorder

Record your screen, webcam and slides. Cut out the speaker’s background. Push it to the editor to give it a pro polish or just share it as is.

How it works

Upload, record, or live stream your video

Upload your video or start recording your screen or webcam. You can also go live in one click and stream it to multiple platforms.

Edit, resize, add annotations, and more

Maximize VEED’s full suite of video editing tools to make your video look as engaging as possible.

Share, download or export SRTs

Export and download your video in multiple formats. You can also share it directly on different social media platforms. Transcriptions can be downloaded separately.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-Learning video?


An e-Learning video is an educational video that’s either pre-recorded or streamed live to share information with students and trainees.

What makes an effective eLearning video?


While you can be extensive in your educational and training videos, it’s best to make them easy to absorb. There are many distractions when watching videos online, so keep it concise and straightforward. Make sure to emphasize all your key points.

Can I export SRT and VTT files?


Yes - once you’ve created your subtitles you can go to the options to export them as an SRT of VTT file. This is a paid feature.

What should a training video include?


To ensure that students will pay attention to your training videos, make sure to add elements that will give them a multisensory and fun learning experience. With VEED, you can add animations, images, slides, stickers, annotations, and much more!

Should I add subtitles to my e-Learning videos?


Adding subtitles to your educational videos will encourage students to watch your video till the end. You can make it more inclusive and accessible to everyone.

How much do I need to pay to create educational videos with VEED?


Even free users can use VEED to create and edit videos. However, there are limitations to the features you can use, depending on your subscription. Our premium subscriptions let you clean your audio in one click, translate, and add subtitles to longer videos. Learn more about our premium plans on our pricing page.

What makes VEED the best tool for creating training and e-Learning videos?


Besides hosting and live streaming your training videos, VEED gives you access to a full suite of video editing tools to help you make your videos look professional. Our video editor includes features that you don’t often find in other online alternatives. Enhance the quality of your audio in one click, choose from our collection of stock audio and videos, and more.

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