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VEED is the best video editor for video marketers

Built for speed and efficiency

Unless you can hire team of video editing professionals, it’s incredibly time-consuming to create videos that are guaranteed to have results. You need something fast, something reliable, and something that will ensure your videos are seen by your target market. VEED is 10x faster than other online video editors. Save time, effort, and money by creating professional videos yourself in a few minutes!

Designed for social media professionals

You don’t need a film degree to use VEED. It’s designed to make video creation and editing fast and simple to help you reach your social media goals. No need to learn complicated tricks; you can use our presets, filters, one-click audio clean-up, and more to produce multiple videos that you can schedule for posting within minutes.

Stock media, templates, animations, GIFs - we’ve got you covered

Use our large library of stock audio and videos, templates, and animations to create engaging videos and create GIFs instantly—all in one powerful video editor. Download your video in multiple formats to make them compatible with different video-sharing and social media platforms. We’ve got it all!

Online collaboration and shared brand kits

VEED makes collaboration a breeze. With our online video editing software, you can work with your team no matter where they are in the world. Use our shared brand kits to give each team member access to your logos, brand colors, and more. Invite collaborators to dedicated dashboards and start creating!

Go global with translations

VEED lets you translate your marketing videos in a few clicks. We use AI as well as manual review tools to increase the accuracy of our subtitles and translations. Automatically generate subtitles for your videos and translate them to over 100 languages. You can find a list of supported languages and dialects here.


Crop, resize, and optimize your videos for social media

Use our social media presets or manually crop and resize your videos to optimize them for multiple social media platforms.

Go live and engage with your audience

Going live on social media helps you capture more audiences. VEED features a simple but powerful live streaming tool that lets you multi-stream on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and more

A Professional Video Editor

VEED provides a full suite of professional video editing tools to help your business create amazing content—whether it’s for internal use or marketing purposes.

How it works

Upload your video

Upload your video or drag and drop it into the editor. You can also start with a template or use a stock video.

Resize, add filters, animations, and more

Maximize VEED’s full suite of video editing tools to make your video look as engaging as possible.

Download and share

Export and download your video in multiple formats. You can also share it directly on different social media platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are videos important for social media marketing?


Videos help you capture the interest of your audience in just a few seconds. By creating condensed, easily consumable videos, you can strike their curiosity and convert them to paying customers.

What are the types of marketing videos?


Marketing videos include interviews, product features, product launches, live videos, webinars, and even user-generated videos.

Why is social media marketing Important?


Social media allows your business to reach potential customers from all over the world. It helps you create a strong and consistent social presence.

Which social media platform is best for marketing?


While Facebook is the most popular social platform for marketing, the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns would still depend on your company’s goals and branding. Some use LinkedIn more than others. If you want to capture a younger audience, for example, you might want to invest more time in Instagram.

How much do I need to pay to create marketing and social media videos on VEED?


Even free users can use VEED’s video editor. However, you may benefit from our premium subscriptions to use more advanced tools like brand kits, access more stock media, and use translations. Learn more about our premium plans on our pricing page.

What makes VEED the best tool for creating marketing and social media videos?


With VEED, there is no learning curve; you can create marketing and social media videos in minutes! Make professional-looking videos in just a few clicks.

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